More than Just a Job

A University of Possibilities

When you succeed, Pitt succeeds. You may have heard about "work-life balance," but the University goes beyond the regular benefits (though, our medical plans continue to some of the most competitive across the nation and among other employers) and perks to help create an exceptional employee experience for every facet of your professional and personal life.

And, the University's Pittsburgh campus and each of its regional campuses are full of vibrant communities and experiences in cities that are welcoming and diverse. There are always new ways to give back, new things to do, and new connections to make.

Connect with Your Community

Join an Affinity Group

Connecting with colleagues who share similar interests, ideologies, or a common purpose helps you grow your personal and professional network as well as provides an opportunity for you to ensure that Pitt continues to be an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed. Make a difference as part of a Pitt Community.

Give Back to the Community

At Pitt, we like to give back, whether that's through community service, charitable donations, sustainable partnerships, or civic engagement. We understand that Pitt is only as strong as the community in which it lives, which means that there are ample opportunities for you to contribute in the way that best suits you to help make a difference. Become a Pitt Advocate through Pitt Cares, donate blood, donate time or money to United Way, volunteer at the Pitt Pantry, and more. Learn how to give back.

Care for You and Your Family

Benefits Made for You

The benefits available to you at Pitt are some of the best in the nation, including your choice of medical plans (with a $0 premium plan), vision, dental, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, life insurance, long term care, and more. Get an overview of Pitt's benefits.

On-Campus Health Clinic

Feeling under the weather? The Pittsburgh campus is home to the UPMC MyHealth @ Work Health & Wellness Center, which is free for all University employees regardless of your insurance coverage. Get back to feeling your best.

Support for your Family

The University is proud and excited to offer a variety of benefits dedicated to supporting your family in all stages of life and well-being, including paid parental leave for eligible staff members, care for spouses and domestic partners, long term care for older adults, and more. Your family is our family.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Life Solutions, the University's faculty and staff assistance program, provides a broad range of services to assist you and your family balance work and the stresses of daily life. You can take advantage of personalized care, 24-hour support, coaching and counseling, and more. Learn about Life Solutions.

Invest in Your Future

Further Your Education

Pitt is a University after all. Continue or further your education as an eligible employee at Pitt and take advantage of the incredible education benefit available to you. For instance, a full-time staff member receives a 97% tuition contribution from the University. Get the full details on our education benefit.

Career and Personal Development

The Faculty & Staff Development Program (FSDP) offers a variety of workshops to enhance the professional and personal development of Pitt faculty and staff. With a full-slate of programming available in both the spring and fall terms of each academic year, you are sure to find a workshop or two to boost your own interests and career. Learn about FSDP.

Planning for Retirement

The University's Retirement Savings Plan offers you the ability to plan for the future you imagine. For eligible employees, the University's plan offers a 100% match on all contributions between 3-8% of an employee's base salary. And, after three years, that match goes up to 150%. Pitt also offers an optional 457(b) plan, self-directed brokerage accounts, a streamllined investment menu, and a variety of resources and tools to boost your financial literacy. Write your own financial story.

Live It Up Beyond Campus

Be Active

Want to get started on or keep up your physique? BikePGH offers a guide to biking in the city, including how to prepare to ride up the steepest street in the U.S. The University makes it convenient to bike to work with safety classes, way too many bike racks to count, and plenty of city bike lanes. During the summer, Pittsburgh holds OpenStreetsPGH on Sundays where streets are shut down to vehicular traffic, but are open for community-building, family-friendly, city-transforming events. Also, Pittsburgh boasts the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, a 24-mile multi-use riverfront trail system with access to city neighborhoods, business districts, and local attractions.

Expand Your Cultural Horizons

Within walking distance, the Pittsburgh campus has two Carnegie Museums, the Phipps Conservatory, the Carnegie Library, Carnegie Music Hall, and numerous galleries. And did you know that we have eateries representing cuisine from all over the globe?

Get Around Town

Pittsburgh is home to numerous funiculars, protected bike lanes, and over 800 staircases! We have public transportation modes like buses and light rails, as well as ride-sharing options like Lyft, Uber, Z-Trip, Scoobi, and ZipCar. Plus, on the three rivers you can enjoy water taxis, the Gateway Clipper fleet, kayaking, and even a Tiki hut ride! Just a regular car driver? Don't worry, we have 446 bridges for you to cross (with some of the best city skyline views imaginable).