The City of Champions

A University of Possibilities

Yes, Pittsburgh is a city of sports champions (you have probably heard about the Steelers, the Pirates, or the Penguins), but Pittsburgh is also the city of resilient, hard-working people who helped bring the city back from adversity. Those are the real champions. Pittsburgh is now America's 3rd most livable city (2nd in the continental U.S.), where you can walk, bike, and kayak for miles with urban views, yet still be engulfed in nature.

Many visitors walk away (or stay!) astonished at the beauty of this green and innovative city, that offers an affordable standard of living, some of the best health care facilities in the world, and cultural destinations that rival the largest of urban cities.

You might also know Pittsburgh as The Steel City

Pittsburgh played a significant role in U.S. history, including the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the infamous Whiskey Rebellion, and the Civil War. With access to resource-filled waterways (the city has a confluence of three rivers!), it was natural for Pittsburgh to become an industrial center for the U.S. as it grew into the nation we know today. Coal mining and steel production were the backbone for the blue-collar city and, up through the mid-1950s, Pittsburgh's steel production accounted for nearly half of the national output.

The Pittsburgh of today plays a significant role with history-making discoveries through technology, education, medicine, and research. Some of the largest companies worldwide have found a home (or second home) in Pittsburgh and its higher education institutions (like the University of Pittsburgh) are world-renowned for their research, innovation, and exceptional graduates and fellows.



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